Wacky Things My Kids Have Said: #3

I started this series of funny quotes from my kids many months ago, but then I stopped posting my children's bizarre comments after #2, even though I had several others in the queue. And really, many of them are worth sharing. So here, for your reading enjoyment, is the continuation of
Wacky Things My Kids Have Said.

Kiyoshi hugging his bear on the toilet

Kiyoshi, age 2: "Look! The poops is hugging each other in the toilet!"

(Ahem, this quote had nothing to do with the hugging in the above picture.
He was really talking about his poop in the toilet.
I didn't look to see if they were actually hugging or not.)

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  • Mmcronin

    He & Kyrstin are soooo similar. Krystin recently said that there was a Daddy poop, a Mommy poop, and a baby poop in the toilet. I did check, and yes, there were. Haha!

    • http://mommyjoys.com Sharon

      So much for my idea that these kinds of thoughts were unique to boys!

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  • Phyllis Hunsucker

    Hee hee!

    I just found your blog. We’re in Zaporozhya region. Are you anywhere close to us?

    • http://mommyjoys.com Sharon

      Welcome! Glad to see you here! No, we’re nowhere near Zaporozhya; we’re in Western Ukraine. However, my husband helped to plant a church in Zaporozhya about ten years ago.

  • Ccmissionarywife

    That is too funny…and I wouldn’t have looked either to see if the were “hugging” :)

    • http://mommyjoys.com/ Sharon

      Ha ha! Now I wish that I HAD looked, if only because I’ve thought about it a lot since then, and I just can’t imagine what those “poops” were doing to make it look like they were hugging! But at the time I must have been too tired and distracted with the next child who needed my attention to do anything other than quickly wipe the poopy bottom before flushing the toilet.

  • Fiona

    Hahahaha! Hilarious, and such a “boy” thing to say! I recently bought a diary for £2 down from £12.99 (due to 2012 being well underway) and have been recording all my 3-year-old’s hilarious sayings. It’s so wonderful to look back on what they come out with, isn’t it! xxx

    • http://mommyjoys.com/ Sharon

      Yes, it is great fun to look back at what they said, especially as we tend to forget! There are things that my kids have done that I thought I could never forget, but a year later someone will say, “Remember when Samuel said such-and-such?” and I’ll realize that I had forgotten! I guess that’s one reason why I’m recording these funny sayings here on the blog. It’s partly for my own sake, so that I will not forget.

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