Hi, I'm Sharon, a full-time wife and mommy to three small boys. (I'm also a Christian missionary to Ukraine, and while this probably makes my life a bit different from yours, I bet that we have more in common than you might think!) I spend most of my time―and energy―caring for my children, and one of my greatest aspirations is to be the best mommy I can be. Picture of me and my boys Becoming a mommy was my first and only enduring childhood dream, possibly because I did much of my growing up without a mother. At the time, I don't think I had any idea what a demanding job being a mommy was, but I probably appreciated its importance more than most people. Years later, when I was ready to have children, I had several miscarriages first. As a result, I now have a profound appreciation for the children in my arms. That's not to say that they don't annoy, frustrate, and exasperate me―usually on a daily basis! But in the midst of the chaos that often characterizes our home, I am constantly reminded that though raising children is the most difficult thing I have ever done, it is also the most important thing I will ever do. (Plus, it's immensely rewarding!) I hope that my stories about the joys of being a mommy will encourage and inspire you to enjoy the journey with your own kids. If you haven't already, subscribe to this blog to be notified when I post new content. I would be honored to have the privilege of encouraging you on a regular basis!

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