Household Joys

I’ve never been a huge fan of housework, but before I had kids, I took great satisfaction in maintaining a clean home. But as any mother knows, spotless floors, pristine bathrooms, and sparkling windows all become things of the past once that first baby arrives! In fact, these days in our home, it’s difficult even to find a horizontal space free from clutter. I’m not proud of this, but I’m learning how to be content in the midst of the necessities of this stage of life. I’ve adopted a few new philosophies and a few strategies to help turn my household chores into Household Joys (even if our living space looks like an experiment in controlled chaos most of the time). I hope that all overworked mommies can find some encouragement and inspiration here!

Ranting and a Bit of Vinegar

Combatting Guilt . . . and Dirty Windows

The House is for People

Come On In!

Housekeeping Tip #1

7 Housekeeping Shortcuts

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