In Ukraine

This collection of posts was created over a period of several years as part of a column called In Ukraine that I used to write for Assist News Service. The point of the column was to give readers a sense of what it was like for an American missionary mom to raise kids overseas, but it’s full of reflections on parenting and life in general as well.

Between Two Extremes

Culture and Language through the Eyes of a Missionary Mom

Learning from the Language

One Perk of Living Here

10 Ways to Help a Missionary on Furlough

Why We Chose to Send Our Kids to Public School

Peace and Safety

Faith and the Ukrainian Medical System

The Luckiest Kids in the World


Getting Established, All Over Again

Finding a New Rhythm

My Thanksgiving List

Only for You, Jesus

Incarnational Missions

Raising Third-Culture Kids, Part 1

Raising Third-Culture Kids, Part 2

Home is Where You Put Your Heart

God’s Providence: A Furlough Story