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After a year and a half of finding my stride as a mother of four littles, I'm finally writing again! It feels wonderful to have this creative outlet back in my life. I haven't yet finished anything new for this blog, but I'm working on something. Today I just wanted to let you know that I became a featured columnist for the Assist News Service website, and my first piece is up. You can read it here. It gives some insight into what it's like to live in Ukraine in the midst of the current uncertainties and difficulties. Please check it out, and pray for Ukraine!

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Sharon, thanks for sharing your thoughts with readers of ANS. You are a good writer and I encourage you to continue writing about your family and other things of which you are familiar. I think you said it best when you stated you were no expert in current events. The unfortunate truth is that many Americans will consider your comments as Gods honest truth since you live in the region. The fact of the matter is America has instigated the current problems in Ukraine and that fact can be easily proven with a little bit of research. Here is a very good place to start. if you need additional information about just how corrupt America has become I will be happy to point you in the right direction. Remember, as Christians this world is not our home…whether we live in the US, Ukraine or Russia. In Gods eyes there is no good reason to kill anyone…you said it best at the end of your article, though you left out the Russians…it is His desire that all should come to the knowledge of Christ.

LLL, thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts. The piece that I wrote for ANS is not intended to educate readers about current events in Ukraine or to provide political or economic analysis or to put forward conspiracy theories. People can easily find those elsewhere on the internet. Rather, it is a window into how the events here are affecting people in the small corner of the country where we live. While we have not personally witnessed the Russian invasion, we know for a fact how the news of it is affecting us and our Ukrainian friends and neighbors. I read the article you recommended, as well as others linked to on that website. If this is indeed the true story, it is tragic and chilling, but not surprising, given that we know from the Bible that the state of affairs in this world is only going to get worse and worse until the end. It should encourage all of us to look to Jesus’ imminent return, to give ourselves to prayer, and to use every opportunity to share the message of salvation with those around us. I hope that my piece will encourage many to pray for all affected by the current situation, Ukrainians and Russians alike. Regardless of who is behind all this, it doesn’t change the fact that people on both sides are suffering and need our compassion and prayers.

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