Things I Never Anticipated Saying Before I Became a Mother: #5

"Sit down and eat your napkin!"

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Other things I never anticipated saying.

2 thoughts on “Things I Never Anticipated Saying Before I Became a Mother: #5

  1. Too Funny!! Greg finds great glee in pointing out the words that I now mix around in my sentences since trying to track a toddler while doing everything else.

    • My mother-in-law swears that having children kills brain cells. “If you had only known me before I had kids,” she’ll say, “I promise you, I was really intelligent!” (I believe her too, because she worked as a medical technologist.) I feel the same way sometimes. I realize that I’m coming across as bit of a disorganized scatterbrain, and I want to say, “But I was high school valedictorian! I promise!”

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