Baby Joys

I assume that there are joys that are unique to every stage of motherhood, but for me, the joys that come with caring for a baby are in a class by themselves. In fact, it may be those joys that keep me eager to have more children, even though by now I’m well acquainted with how much work they are! The thought of having another newborn to love–cradling him in my arms, smelling the sweet scent of his downy skin, nursing him, feeling his warmth against me, watching his pulse beat in his soft spot while I brush my lips against his hair–these joys invariably cause me to long for another baby once my youngest begins to fend for himself. On this page, I’m collecting links to posts that I’ve written about my Baby Joys, the pleasures that I find in caring for an infant and a few tips that I hope you will find useful while you care for yours.

More Than Fun

The Source of All Nummy

Here We Go Again

Four Birth Stories, Part 1

Four Birth Stories, Part 2

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